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Lyceum Environmental Society Officers
AY 2007-2008

Main Officers

President: John Arthur C. Martinez (2nd Yr BSHRM-CLM)
VP Internal: Queenie M. Almires (2nd YR BSHRM)
VP External: vacant
VP for Documentation: Avon Rose P. dela Cruz (3rd Yr BSBA-Mngmt.)
Associate VP for Documentation: Leny J. Salmorin (3rd Yr BSBA-Mngmt.)
VP for Finance: Princess Joy D. Paunan (2nd Yr ABMC-BR)
VP for Auditing: Rose Ann A. Parafina (2nd Yr ABMC-BR)
VP for Operation: Charmaine S. Lim (2nd Yr ABMC-BR)
VP for Marketing: Ann Marjorie C. Tan (2nd Yr BSIR-IT)
VP for Publicity Internal: Jhunina L. Lanuza (2nd Yr ABMC-BR)
VP for Publicity External: Armando N. Peñafuerte III (2nd Yr ABMC-BR)
VP for Community Involvement: Michelle B. Morilla (2nd Yr ABMC-BR)
College Coordinators
CAS: Axl Joffline S. Malonzo (2nd Yr AMBC-BR)
CBA: vacant
CCS: vacant
CIR: Ma. Aveline P. Menor (2nd Yr BSIR-IT)
CIHM: vacant
COE: vacant
CON: vacant


Publication: Ma. Alaine P. Allanigue (2nd Yr ABMC-BR)
Events: vacant
Research and Evaluation: vacant

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