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Lyceans conduct clean up in historic Intramuros
by Jen Esber

Intramuros is one of the historic places in Manila. It is a symbol of our rich culture and history. But at present, the grandeur of most parts of Intramuros is slowly eroding. The beauty of this very historic place fading because of garbage scattered everywhere. This promted the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS),  together with the Community Outreach Service and Learning (COSAL), Pandayan sa Wika at Panitik (PSWAP) and Lyceum Environmental Society (LES), to conduct a clean-up drive within the vicinity of Lyceum recently.
Dr. Shirley Banzuela, CAS Science Department head, and Mr. Andy Ferrer, COSAL head, led the Lyceans in cleaning the place. Among the participants in the 6 to 9 a.m. activity were CAS professors, LES Officers, PSWAP officers and members, NSTP students and other Lyceans. It became very succesful because it did not only beautify the place but also inculcated in the hearts and minds of every student that taking care of the surroundings is an effective way of preserving Mother Nature.
According to Dr. Banzuela, we should maintain the cleanliness of Intramuros. It should be part of the annual activities of our University. She also emphasized that students should know how to segregate their trash properly in order to do their share to keep our surroundings clean.

Clean-up drive in Intramuros held last 3/3/07
Clean-up drive in Intramuros held last March 3, 2007

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Kalikasan and Friendster Account of LES Officially Launched!
The new set of officers of LES have brainstormed their ideas to create a website, not only for fun, but for infotainment. The website, known as Kalikasan, is launched together with the official Friendster Account.
     Kalikasan was officially launced on April 04, 2007 using while Ms. Jen Esber (previous secretary of LES) made the Friendster account. Two of the officers, Mr. Andy Peñafuerte and Ms. Alaine Allanigue, joined forces and made the graphics and layout for the website. Another officer, Ms. Michelle Morilla, designed the new logo for the organization.
     Although officially launced, Kalikasan is to be "re-launched" during the First General Assembly and Membership Drive early in first semester.
     For those who are interested to join our Friendster account, feel free to add it. Just copy-and-paste this URL to the address bar of your web browser: or search it by copying-and-pasting this e-mail add to search form in Friendster. We long to see you as our friends!
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