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The Official Website of the Lyceum Environmental Society

Frequently Asked Questions
The Organization
A: This society promotes consciousness and concerns for the environment. It sponsors activities that encourage students to protect and conserve natural resources.
Q: Where is LES located?
A: LES doen't have office or workplace. The organization has bulletin board located at the first floor, main building of Lyceum of the Philippines University.
The Members
Q: Who is the adviser of LES?
A: Mr. Russell Julian, a science professor in Lyceum of the Philippines University, currently heads the organization.
Q: Who are the members of LES?
A: This year's current members are the organizational staff and Lyceans who signed LES membership forms.
Q: How to be a member?
A: Every semester, LES conducts a membership drive for those who are intersted to join.
Q: What are the activities of LES?
A: List of the upcoming events and activities are listed on the Activities and Projects page of the website.
Q: Kalikasan, what is it?
A: Kalikasan is the name of LES Website and official publication.
Q: Going on-line and off-line?
A: LES is both on-line and off-line at the same time. On-line media which are always updated include LES Friendster, Multiply, Yahoo Groups, and the official website, Kalikasan. Off-line media include the official publication, Kalikasan, and the Bulletin Board.

Lyceum Environmental Society
Lyceum of the Philippines University
Intramuros, Manila

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